If your qualified vehicle is not registered for the jurisdiction of a member of the International-Registration-Plan, a trip permit must be obtained before entering and carried in the cab of your vehicle. Otherwise, your vehicle may be subject to full registration in that jurisdiction.

Within the period allowed in the trip permit, your qualified vehicle can operate intrastate as well as interstate. There is an exception to this: Trip permit operation is limited to interstate movement in Arizona, Iowa, Nebraska, and North Dakota.

Fees and duration of temporary trip permits are dependent upon the registration laws of the particular jurisdiction. Use Trip permits only occasionally or for emergency need and not to evade proper registration.

The fee for a North Carolina Temporary Trip Permit is $15 for 10 days. Refer to the IRP manual for more details. Trip permits are available from the Transmitter Services, who would charge an extra service fee.

Temporary Fuel Permits

North Carolina Highway Fuel Use temporary trip permits are issued by permitting services or weigh-stations operated by the North Carolina State Highway Patrol Motor Carrier Enforcement Administration. You have to make prior arrangements with the first available weigh station before entering North Carolina; otherwise, the carrier may be penalized $100.00 for not having a valid decal or trip permit. Temporary trip permits will not be issued from the Excise Tax Division. If you desire electronic transmission, contact one of the permitting services.

North Carolina Highway Fuel Use temporary trip permits are issued if you are a carrier who do not have proper credentials to travel in North Carolina. If you are a North Carolina IFTA carrier who needs permits after Excise Tax Division office hours, you must purchase a North Carolina Highway Fuel Use temporary trip permit. North Carolina Highway Fuel Use temporary trip permits allow carriers to travel in North Carolina only. Contact other jurisdictions if authorization is needed to operate in those jurisdictions. The cost for temporary fuel permits is $50.00 each and they are valid for 3 days.

If individual jurisdiction temporary trip permits are needed, contact each jurisdiction directly. Refer to the IFTA manual for more details.